distance to leave their mark on love


hi to all those who will go on this site and will read these few lines do not know how and where to start my story…when everything ends with "happy end"it's easy to say but when you know that everything is suddenly complicated and no longer have guts.I have a beautiful age at which I guess many would say it's just the beginning but she says the word experience in one year like I lived it all:love the freestanding and others that at the same time exudes a confidence and a positive energy and the other side's cruel reality with her girls.A year ago I met a wonderful man who I fell in love with and that I fell it in love day after day,that makes every morning to shine the Sun in my eyes and the soul of that look of deep down that melts every time a see feeling love of steps…that makes towards me ,his sweet sayings that inspire me with sweetness to fight for what's mine,for my life,and I love his move from lips that makes me want to reach the peak of happiness.But what is happiness?who can know ,knows that feeling ?I sure haven't .Someone tould me once that happiness is in our mind not in soul.the fact is that the mind can be friend and foe in a high percentage.I recognize las worn wave but I've never felt inside my confidence so much strength and self-esteem as when you know he has an incredible power of persuasion,of pure love ,his soul feel clean,it's true that I'm calm and quiet and at the same time ,makes me feel like I'm "HOME".A simple smile to make me beautiful.I can't put your hand in the fire saying "he's the best man"but he make me feel so.I never ever imagined that,along with the love you feel and suffer,jealousy,failure and what age I lovingly called them "simpli"become "complicated".That boy is so far away from me as the sky to the Earth,and I've tried many time to bring in my life but always something we keep and for me it's so special that feeling but I suffer enormously.Passed so a year ago with joys,sorrows,hopes but with support,love and smile on the lipspass for that life continue with the good and bad we've opened one in front of the other souls and don't regret anything of what was just not part of my life.All time i've said it's "MY LOVE "and 'really'like I have not words often to tell him how much I love him.Those two words are simple but does as all around the world.We have shared our feelings and we wanted more from us but…distance separeting us,and of our wights in everyday life .Everything will soon take over,know this;I try to accept it as can but belive me I have no tears to cry ,I do not know to who m beg help me,only wise GOD;I have no power so to follow to course of our life .My love is just a dream coming soonan sadiq with many regrets.Only what I hope to remain it's respect for onether,my exeperience tell me like mean "love is suffering"and nothing else so take care of your own heart.good day to all ,as I just hope that I would be like if…..or maybe it will be…..who can know?on soon




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